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Q: Are all your products available worldwide?

A: Aside from the odd specific items, yes, but we require full additional payment prior to sending.

Q: Who designs your products?

A: We have hired NewRobin Design to assist with various designs (https://www.facebook.com/NewRobinDesign)

Q: Can you design me a shirt?

A: Please contact our associates at NewRobin Design for that (https://www.facebook.com/NewRobinDesign/)

Q: Do you have permission to use the logos on your products?

A: Yes, we will not use any name or logo we have not had permission to use.

Q: What charities do you donate to?

A: We donate to various different charities that help children, animals, cancer patience and more, there's simply too many to list.

For further enquiries please go to https://www.pwwofficial.com/contact-us